Internet Connectivity

We present you with a few alternative providers and solutions. With a quick gap analysis we’ll find a suitable solution.  As with any business, planning is the key to success. GBW brings a range of experiences across several industries to help you understand and define your networking needs.

  • Mobile data (capped or uncapped LTE)
  • Routers
  • Wireless


Being a small company maintaining a large amount of users, we recommend Bitdefender Gravity Zone. Bringing Enterprise solution to the SME.

  • Easy to maintain
  • Powerful protection
  • Low impact on computing resources
  • Real value for money

Keep your business safe against evolving threats

Advanced application behavior monitoring and continuous user risk assessments.
Easily track all security events in your organization
Superior protection without slowing down users – light on resources aggressive on protection
Comprehensive corporate policy and productivity driven protection and coverage


VoIP has been in implementation for many years now, tried and tested technology the provided telephony over internet.

  • Scalable: Single users to call centres
  • Flexible: adaptable to any business requirement
  • Reliable: always available with 24 hour support
  • SAVINGS 30 – 60% ON CALLS: Major saving on local, international and cellular calls
  • Telkom Alternative: Tired of cables been stolen again…this serves as a great alternative.
  • Number Porting: Keep the telephone number your customers know.
  • Portable: Moving office? Just pickup and plug in at your new office.

PABX (Switch Board)

With a hosted switchboard you can have one receptionist directing calls for the whole company.

  • Extension monitoring and management
  • Music on hold
  • Auto attend (“Press 1 for sales” etc.)
  • Voice mail
  • Call forwarding
  • Group ringing or night bell

Scalable from only two users to a massive call centre. Not to mention the call savings.

IT Support, Internet & Email

Our skills extend beyond the norm and can advise you on various aspects of your business. Working with our competent, responsible Internet partners that provides backup and support. 

Consulting, Operations and Managed Collaborations

Taking your existing computer equipment and user requirements into account, we offer cost effective services for computer, software, networks, maintenance and support. 

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Remote Workforce

Now more than ever your company needs to gear up for remote working in the most seamless way possible. We can ensure that your workforce is setup for a professional work experience from wherever they may be.

  • Working from home can be more efficient and productive if managed correctly.
  • We can implement built in productivity reports.
  • Managed remote connectivity, communication, security and compliance.

User & Hardware Support

Specializing in Microsoft Windows environments and integrating various other systems.

Having a support system is like having a safety net below you at all times.

Go Banana Web is here to be your IT support no matter how big or small your organisation is.

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